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Who we are

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Our global presence

B# is a multi-layered organization

  • The Bluenumber Foundation for a New Human ID is a 501(c)3 non profit organization incorporated in New York. The Foundation manages the data rights of the individual b#IDs and ensure each b#ID receives fair value for any data they share;
  • B# Public Benefit Corporation creates B#Ecosystems for b#IDs, establishes B#Sky control towers for organizations, and B#Market data markets to generate revenue for b#IDs;
  • B#Alliances are country-centric companies in India, Japan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Germany, USA, and Indonesia, which promote the use of b#IDs and create new products for the B#Ecosystem.

Our values






Why the world needs B#

The Problem

  • Many people are invisible, unable to participate in digital economies.
  • The physical value chains they rely on for income, services, and sustenance are inefficient and unsustainable.
  • Some face severe inequities: forced labor, child labor, slavery, the inability to find markets for their products or fair value for their labor

The Solution

  • The B#Ecosystem reveals people and the value chains they rely on, maps their relationships, and connects them to markets and opportunities.
  • Equity and due diligence can be assured. Value chains can be built from the bottom-up and managed top-down to create resilient, transparent, and equitable markets.

The bottom line

  • b#IDs make people’s voices heard. They can choose to respond to surveys, share data about themselves and their work, sell data, and share in the value created.

  • B#Ecosystems are perfect for:

    • Managing and measuring outcomes in development projects

    • Illuminating agricultural value chains

    • Connecting producers and consumers

    • Improving the lives of smallholder farmers

    • Ensuring ethical behavior in supply chains

    • Eliminating slavery, forced labor, and child labor

Our Team

Senthil Narasimhan

Chief Executive

Accomplished Insurance Business & Technology Consultant with an Entrepreneur passion and delivery.
20+ years as highly experienced and motivated Sales & Marketing professional with high competency in Business Development, Client Management, Customer Centricity and Strategic Thinking.

Rishi Sher Singh


Rishi is a Business & Human Rights (B&HR) specialist with enriching experiences from his work in Supply Chain management, implementing Sustainability projects and Manufacturing. Rishi has two decades of accomplishments in developing innovative business solutions, with a strong commitment for respecting & promoting Human Rights in the value chains. People engagement, empathy, cultural sensitivities, gathering stories of people and power of collectives are at the heart of Rishi’s impactful.
Rishi’s key areas of implementation are UN Guiding Principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs- 1,5,10, 12 & 17).

Krishna Mishra


Krishna is a serial social entrepreneur and innovator, with over 30 years of leadership experience in the Bottom of the Pyramid market. Pioneering data modelling in farming, partnering with Grameen Bank & Intel, marked the beginning of Krishna’s journey. Using a simple modelling to determine nutrient applicability based on soil composition ignited his efforts. Within two years (circa 2012), Krishna’s work got him the recognition as an Ashoka fellow and his tireless pursuit to bring comprehensive yet frugal solutions to the rural markets got him the recognition from the former UN Secretary-General, Ban-Ki-Moon (circa 2016). He has consistently been driving excellence in the fields of agriculture, sanitation and clean and affordable energy.

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