Krishna Mishra



Krishna is a serial social entrepreneur and innovator, with over 30 years of leadership experience in the Bottom of the Pyramid market. His passion for disrupting agriculture was drawn from two decades of his work in Rural Finance & Development. Spanning multiple countries and learning how gaps in agriculture extension of finance and services can be bridged using technology, Krishna founded eKutir in 2009.
Pioneering data modelling in farming, partnering with Grameen Bank & Intel, marked the beginning of Krishna’s journey. Using a simple modelling to determine nutrient applicability based on soil composition ignited his efforts. Within two years (circa 2012), Krishna’s work got him the recognition as an Ashoka fellow and his tireless pursuit to bring comprehensive yet frugal solutions to the rural markets got him the recognition from the former UN Secretary-General, Ban-Ki-Moon (circa 2016). He has consistently been driving excellence in the fields of agriculture, sanitation and clean and affordable energy.

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